Top 10 Best Portable Toilets for Camping in 2021

 While going on a camping trip with your family, the biggest issue that most of us encounter is finding a suitable place for using as a toilet. However, it’s not safe and dirty, so people nowadays always bring their own portable toilet on their trip. It’s just like the normal one in the bathroom so you can keep it hygiene all the time while using it. Below are the ten best portable toilets for camping which you can choose from.

List of the 10 Best Portable Toilets for Camping in 2021

10. SereneLife Lightweight Portable Toilet for Camping


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If you’re looking for a portable toilet that is suitable for your trip to some rural area or for camping, this SereneLife, you should have a look at it. The design includes a tank for freshwater above another tank at the bottom for keeping the waste. You can also find a flush nozzle on the side of the toilet. This product is easy to use for any situation or any place. You can bring it along without taking much of the space inside your car and it is quite lightweight. This portable camping toilet is large since the tank of the toilet can hold up to 5.3 gallon which is more than other this case, you don’t have to clear it off that often and when it’s time to change, the level indicator of wastewater will show the light that lets you know.

When it comes to removing the waste, there’s no much trouble since all you have to do is pull out the water spout to the side and it will flow out through that. If you’re worried about the smell, there’s also a certain odor to protect and clear it off. There’s also a bag for it instead of carrying it openly in public.

9. Decwang Heavy Duty Portable Toilet for Camping


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This portable toilet is the product of Decking; it’s perfect for long-distance traveling. Unlike other products, this one  is foldable and durable and can support up to 250kg. It’s not complicated to use, and you can install them together fast with just a few minutes and you’re ready to do your business. It uses a garbage bag to keep the wastewater. 

There’s no need for you to worry about the condition of using it since it’s always and doesn’t require much work on it. As mentioned, this Decking portable toilet uses a disposable garbage bag then all you have to do is throw it away. You also won’t have to suffer from all those disturbing smells. When you buy the product, they will give 5 garbage bags to use and another 5 packs of coagulants.

8. Minelody Portable Toilet for Camping


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This Melody is a portable toilet which is perfect for your camping trip to wooden or for a long trip which it’s hard to find a usable toilet on the road. Once you fill the freshwater tank, you’ll be able to flush it about 50 times since the tank is able to withhold about 10L of freshwater. As for the tank for wastewater, it can keep up to 20L so you don’t have to empty it that often after using only a few times. The size of the toilet is based on adult use only. This portable toilet of Melody is made from good raw material so it’s pretty durable. You don’t have to worry about it leaking or break easily.

This product can be separated into 2 pieces and carry it, that’s why you can bring it along your trip without much trouble. Furthermore, this toilet capacity can bear the weight up to 200kg. There’s also a manual guide of how to use this product which already includes the product itself.

7. AchieveUSA Portable Toilet for Camping with Lock

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AchieveUSA is a camping toilet with a portable size, so you can take it for your trip and don’t have to worry about your toilet problem inside the forest or camping site. This product is well made so there won’t be any disturbing smell leaking outside at all. The 2.6 gallons of freshwater inside this portable toilet allows the user to use it up to 50 times for each tank of water that is fully filled. While the capacity of a wastewater tank is a lot bigger, 5.3 gallons, you can use it and don’t have to worry about emptying it when you just flush a few times. The lock on both sides of the toilet is to ensure the upper tank and the waste tank are connected properly and the cap of the tank is sealed off so there won’t be any leaking during the process.

The seat is not uncomfortable to sit on so everything is fine. Plus, with the lid on top, it also allows kids to use this portable toilet beside adults. You also see the indicator level of waste inside the tank on the toilet which displays the time that you need to empty it.

6. MISC Detachable Portable Toilet


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The portable toilet for camping is for long-distance travel or somewhere that is inconvenient to find one, that’s why MISC had one product for this purpose. Since it is made from, it’s light in weight which gives you the benefit of easy to bring along on the trip. The overall capacity of fresh water is about 3 gallons while 5 gallons are for wastewater. This toilet is detachable so you can either bring it in the whole set or install it later when in need. The flush head is on the side of the toilet, and you use it more than 50 times and at most 70 times before the tank needs to empty.

Both tanks have separate sealed heads that won’t allow any smell escape at all. Moreover, there’s also another extra waste seal in the waste tank from the upper which you simply have to push or pull it after using the toilet. Even Though it’s plastic it’s tough and won’t break easily. The size of toilet lids can be used for any age, either adult or kid. 

5. AchieveUSA Portable Toilet with Water Pump


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As for this AchieveUSA, you can use it anywhere or anytime. This portable toilet for camping doesn’t limit the user to only use it for camping but you can also put them inside the hotel or when you’re on a long drive and there’s unexpected delay when you need to use an emergency toilet. With the 5 gallons for the waste tank which is approximately around 20L, you had plenty of time to use it before clearing it all out. The tank is removable from each other which makes it easier for the user to store in or take along inside the car.

Compared to other products, this AchieveUSA has a strong water pump so it won’t waste a lot of water while using the flushing head, and it doesn’t splash at all. It’s also easy to assemble before using and take just a few minutes, since you can just connect the toilet and the waste tank with the latches on both sides.

4. Alpetour Portable Toilet


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Now, with this portable toilet for camping, there’s no need for you to run around for any emergency needs. This product of Alpcour has many features that you cannot find on common camping toilets like this one. With the waste tank on the bottom and the fresh tank on top, along with the toilet lid, the user is able to use or sit on it comfortably. The gallons of freshwater is 3.2 more than other portable toilets so you’re able to flush it more than 50 times; furthermore, the storing capacity of the waste tank is 5.3 gallons which is more than enough for personal use.

Even though it is made from a strong material that is resistant and durable which can keep all the smell inside without leaking, It’s not heavy at all which is convenient for bringing along on the trip. Another best part of this product is the sprayer head which is included and attachable to the freshwater tank for cleaning the toilet after using. Moreover, there is an empty sprout which makes cleaning the waste tank even easier since it can be rotated to the side and let the waste flow through. There’s also the handle for carrying on both tanks and extra bad for carrying the portable toilet.

3. TripTips Foldable Portable Toilet


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Unlike other portable toilet for camping you see before, this one uses a plastic bag that has the size of about 6-8 gallons. In case you don’t have or cannot find water to use for, this product can solve that problem since it doesn’t require water to flush at all. Furthermore, this TripTips product can fold into a small size for storage and easy to bring along. It can be used for outdoor or indoor use with any purpose depending on the user. It also can be used more than just for the emergency toilet such as trash can, or stool for sitting since there’s a lid for that.

As for the toilet stool lid, it is made from cloth so it’s comfortable to use. The whole product is also made from cloth but it’s waterproof and odor-keeping so you don’t have to worry about that issue. For the user, it can withstand the weight up to 220 lbs. It’s suitable for anyone in the family to use, either adults or kids. You can also find another water-resistant bag to store this portable toilet.

2. Camco Compact Lightweight Toilet


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This Camco portable toilet for camping is made from two detachable tanks for freshwater and wastewater. Each tank can keep the liquid for 2.6 gallons. There’s also a cap lid on the tank for filling the freshwater tank on the top and the bottom used as the hole for emptying the tank when it’s full. The slide valve also helps keep the smell from escaping. There are two latches for locking the toilet with the tank so there won’t be any leaking.

It’s super light, only around 9.4 pounds, so you don’t have much issue with bringing it along to your destination. The design also includes the handle for carrying on both tanks, if you ever want to bring it separately.

1. Camco Comfortable Travel Toilet


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Another product of a portable toilet for camping that you should have a look at is under the name Camco. With the lid and cover on top of the toilet, it gives a feeling of one at home so you can use it without feeling unfamiliar or uncomfortable. This premium product has a tank of 5.3 gallons capacity just for wastewater alone and another tank with 3.75 gallons water for flushing. The slide valve won’t allow any smell or leaking outside.

You can use this for any purpose like camping, hiking, or outdoor activity that happens in the forest or places that you cannot find any comfortable toilet for personal use. It weighs only around 11.5 lbs and each tank is removable from each other so it’s convenient for carrying around.

Buying Guides

Type of the toilet: as for the portable toilet to use for camping, there are two types, the one with the flush button and the basket, which you should think is more convenient for you to use.

Size of the tank: for the flushing type, there are two tanks as one for storing the freshwater while the other one for wastewater. So you had to choose the one with a suitable size. If the size is too small for a waste tank, you’ll have to empty it more often which is troublesome. But if it’s too large, it’s hard to bring along when you go on a long-distance trip or camping since you have other stuff to bring besides the toilet.

Waste removal: you cannot overlook this part since you have to clean it after using it. You must find out whether the removal method is easy or complicated.


So, after these buying tips and review on the best portable toilet for camping , you will know what to expect and what you should look for when you want to buy a portable toilet for your trip or camping activity. Also, you could choose from the 10 products above which are already listed, and it’s also the best product which is suitable to get for your convenience while using.

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